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In the world of chaos Dhriti and Shambhavi have decided to take the task to deliver the stories of those who are going through the pandemic that has shook us all from within - CoVid 19.

Originally students from Shanghai they witnessed what started from the city of Wuhan in China to here now in India and realized how important it is to connect now and understand the emotions the people are going through. This is a podcast series where people from diverse backgrounds and different sections of the society shall come out to share their version - how their personal and work lives are being affected and also how amidst all this distress they’re coping up too.

Dhriti, native of Guwahati, Assam is currently pursuing his PhD in Geographic Sciences from East China Normal University, Shanghai, China. He is currently quarantined inside his university campus since January 27 2020.

Shambhavi, originally from Delhi, is currently in Shanghai working for a Hong Kong based company while she juggles government relations and operations for their Indian projects. However due to the recent upheaval she has been now on a long stay back in India.