Stratagem: The Podcast is an audio party hosted by your favourite femmes where we discuss all things equity, inclusion and social justice. This podcast is part of a larger digital resource and virtual conference that you can find at, brought to you by professional social justice warriors at Cicely Blain Consulting.

Each episode, we play games with a fun social justice twist, chat with some world-renowned guests making moves in the world of equity and social justice and ask deep and meaningful questions about identity, society, and oppression. Most importantly, we dedicate time to sharing our favourite ideas, strategies and solutions that help us move collectively towards liberation.

Looking for your next book on intersectional feminism? Spearheading a Diversity and Inclusion initiative in the workplace? Dreaming up a human rights campaign? We got you!

Join our eight rotating hosts for weekly doses of banter, venting, and hot takes, all within a framework of the widely beloved social justice!