I'm Sara! I'm a coach and hypnotherapist - Like you, I've experienced abuse/shame, in my world I saw it on all levels growing up - physically, sexually, emotionally and mentally. It shaped me as I grew up very fast and became the peacekeeper in the face of destructive and/or addictive behaviours. I was the one always picking up the pieces of the pain around me. At the same time I somehow managed to successfully navigate a corporate career and as many promotions I got, I still knew that something was seriously missing. I began to realise that my 'stable', giving nature to everyone else meant I was avoiding my own emotional state. I realised that I prioritised everyone else's emotional and mental stability in instead of my own because if I didn't who would? I realised that I thought I was selfish if I didn't give in to the guilt of 'not doing enough' for those that I loved (typical empath behaviour!) All these realisations (amongst others) showed me that after all this time, I had been falling in this abyss that I didn't know I lived in. I didn't know how to receive love because love had always been transactional for me. Even writing this now, being open and vulnerable is scary…this my friends is **the void.**  When I faced up to what I found scary is when I began to discover who I am.  Aren't you just as curious to find out what you'd discover about yourself? Join me and special guests where we'll be unpicking fascinating topics about the mind, body and spirit creating deeper awareness of our consciousness.  Giving you the practical tips, tricks and stories that offer you deeper insight in to yourself. After all, what greater joy is there?