Getting Lucky at Life with Mike Parry Ibiza

"From isolation comes creativity" Damian Gelle - Electric Gardens Festival

As soon as Lockdown was announced, I knew that, if used correctly, this could be the biggest gift ever given to us. A chance for us to press pause, reset and take time out from our usual patterns of life and work as we get the chance to recreate our reality and the world we will be born into once the UNlock begins.

So, I started presenting some Lockdown Tips and Techniques from my home studio in Salinas Ibiza (, which then led onto interviewing some of my life guides and business inspirations, including specialists in events, entertainment, music, property, nutrition, wellness, meditation and more, as I searched for tips and techniques from specialists to share with my audience on how best we can stay fit, healthy, positive and productive in (and out) of this lockdown time.

In each of my podcast series, I will be sharing a range of interview content from the different industries I am involved in, my personal passions and the specialists I have access to, as well as some of my own spoken content coming soon, and past interviews I have done over the last 13 years.

I hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you with any feedback and special requests.