Shadows of the Moon

Shadows of the Moon

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This is not just my Channel,This is Our Channel!

All aspects of Beliefs are Welcomed here and Discussed here so please be Respectful and Yes we discuss Different ways of beliefs but don't Bash or try to change anyone else's belief in a Harsh manner! We are all adults here!

With that being said I want every person that steps into my chat room to feel they can express any belief they have per subject matter with out the feeling like they are going to get ridiculed,My chat is a safe zone!

I want you all to be apart of this place,If I am live please feel free to ask to come up but keep it on topic..unless we linger off (Which could happen) lol But most of all HAVE FUN!!

A great little Community to share some Witchy stuff,Paranormal,Ufo,Conspiracy Theories and to just have fun!!

Thank you so much for Listening,Looking and Liking!!!

Please Feel free to Join in on the Conversation Either here or I Always love hearing from you all on your stories about the Paranormal,Cryptid, and /or Ufo's

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