In August 1945 an atomic bomb crushed Hiroshima, and the impact instantly incinerated 80,000 city inhabitants, leaving behind a crater of devastation. Sadako Sasaki was only two. Still alive after the explosion, she was two kilometers away.

She led a normal life until the age of 12 years. One day, after a vital relay race Sadako had helped her team win, she suffered from extreme tiredness and dizziness. The symptoms continued to recur until her parents took her to the Red Cross Hospital to find out what was happening to their daughter. She had leukemia, also known as “A-bomb disease.” Everyone who knew Sadako was in shock. She was terrified, knowing that almost everyone who got this disease faced certain death. She cried, cried, and cried. All she wanted was to go back to school. But she couldn’t; she had to stay in the hospital.