Resistance Is Female

Resistance Is Female

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Despite repeated protestations by the Borg, Resistance is NOT futile, but it IS often female.  

Engage with us as we explore the women of Star Trek through the eyes of women.  The good, the bad, and the ugly, we’ll tackle sexism, representation, hitting glass ceilings head on, and sometimes even breaking them, in a quest to dive deep into the less than perfect aspects of a world we love.

We’ll be releasing episodes every Monday and each episode will fall into a thematic arc.  Through these arcs we will cover topics such as machismo, parity, and even sartorial choices.   

Each episode, Paige and Amber will pull from the entire Star Trek canon for our discussions, sometimes focusing on an individual series or movie, sometimes flitting through the timeline. 

Join us on this voyage where few women’s voices have been heard before.

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