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Hello and welcome to the Highly-Sensitive Leader Podcast with highly-sensitive certified coach, leadership expert and qualified teacher Muriel Kosovsky. 

This podcast provides leadership tips, education, insights, stories, and mind hacks to create a space for highly-sensitive leaders to self-educate, develop their career and fulfil their potential. 

This podcast will help you understand the HSP trait in depth and show you how to manage, embrace and use your HSP trait to your advantage in the corporate and business space. 

I will use my leadership expertise, my 20 years of experience being an HSP in high-stimulation and extremely demanding work environments, as well as my guests’ expertise and wisdom to promote an inclusive and sustainable leadership culture for HSPs. 

And remember, being highly-sensitive is first and foremost a superpower which we can learn to harness in order to shine bright as a leader and make a positive impact on the world. Now relax your nervous system, sit back and enjoy the journey! 

The Highly-Sensitive Leader Podcast

Muriel Kosovsky
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