Sis, Let's Get Into It was started in March 2020 by Christian Jefferson. At the time of launching, Christian was a thriving college student with a pure heart to be used by God. She felt like God was using her, but she was not fully surrendering to everything God wanted her to do. So, when she finally got in position and tapped into the Holy Spirit, God had her drop out of college and quit her current job. That is when Christian's entrepreneurial journey began. God told her she would be the "voice of her generation", and this podcast is just one of the avenues He decided to set her forth in. 

Through this platform, she aims to provide young women with the resources to know and learn their potential in God, while seeing God bigger no matter the situation or circumstance. Through her transparency and willingness to let the Holy Spirit lead, listeners will leave knowing who and Whose they are while being transformed in the Spirit so God could use them publically in the natural.