Windfall Ibiza

Windfall Ibiza

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This is a podcast looking at the subtle and mystical power of plants, all through the ages into the now of the local landscape I live in here on the beautiful island of Ibiza.

My name is Veenus Vortex and I am a herbalist the creator of local Island Vermouth, Goldtooth. Through my years of working with medicinal herbs, I have forged an intimate relationship with the plant realm. Herbalism is at its core about coming into a closer relationship with the land you live in.

I will take you with me on my foraging journeys, wilderness excursions and deep conversations, as we explore plant folklore, herbalism in every day life and the important role that plants can play in our modern lives. Together we´ll unveil ancient secrets of the herbs that populate the rolling hills here  - and how the pursuit of a closer connection with nature can help us find a more meaningful connection with the wider world. 

I invite you to slow done, come a little closer, and open your senses to the landscape you live in.

Join me on the January full moon 2021, and let the ritual find you……