Welcome to the Balance and Joy for Women in Medicine podcast where I provide  you with actionable steps in how to lead a balance and joyous life.
 I am a physician, a mom, a wife, a life coach. I run a successful practice, I have a wonderful and healthy  family. However, there was a moment in my life where I wasn't able to feel the joy  and happiness.
 I learned from  my own journey that in order to live a joyous and balance life, I have to be in tune with  my values and believes. I have to be intentional in my actions -all the time. It is a full time job to live an intentional life. I knew that I need to let go to grow and so much more and  I cannot wait to share  with  you what I learned and provide you with actionable steps to take with you.
 My goal to stimulate your minds to awaken  your spirit to seek joy in this life. Why?
 Because you deserve it. Because in medicine we learn do no harm. So, lets not harm ourselves and heal together  and teach the generations to come to live a healthier life (spiritually, mentally and physically).
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