Welcome to The Art of Happiness :-)

Here we shall explore: Emotional, Mental, Relational, Social, Professional & Spiritual Health with a focus on optimising these areas to maximise one's experience of joy, happiness, ecstasy and deep bliss.

Here is an overview of - how I See 'The Idea of Happiness' based on research, training and first hand personal experience in life. 

I classify Happiness into:
  • Instant or Instance Happiness: When You suddenly feel good at a particular moment in time and space. This feeling good stays for some time and then disappears. Such instances of joy, happiness and ecstasy make this life enticing. 
  • Permanent Happiness: You want feelings of Happiness, Joy to come and stay in Your Life and they stay - forever. Now we are talking Permanent Happiness. I coined a term for this - Direct Happiness. This is doable if You have an open mind. This is instance free Happiness which means it is not dependent on any event. 
  • Flavours of Happiness: After You have Permanent Happiness in pocket - Now what?  Is it boring - feeling Happy all the time for no reason? Would it kill all the motivation to take action? Can our Nervous System Habituate to overdose of Happiness? This is where Flavours of Happiness come handy. 
My experience of working with people have me convinced that Happiness is the sure Antidote to Human Emotional, Mental & Relationship problems. With the application of Happiness one may Heal way faster than traditional psychological and pharmacological interventions. It simply works. 

On this Podcast we shall explore different aspects of life like: Happiness, Freedom, Romantic Relationships, Meditation, Spiritual Enlightenment and other challenges that make Life interesting. 

We shall look for ways to optimise various aspects of Life to create more instances of Happiness while at the same time moving toward Permanent Happiness beyond which we juggle with different flavours. 

Your Life need not be Suffering, Misery & Pain. You can design it Your way and life it on Your terms. 

Let us roll! Love!
Dr. Maruti Sharma

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