It's THE podcast about Pickleball hosted by Jade and Krivo. 
We're proud to be Australia's first Pickleball podcast! 

The Pickleball Podcast is a weekly show for Pickleball lovers.

Released every Wednesday morning, it's a quick listen that'll get you across the biggest Pickleball stories here in Australia and around the world. Providing us with news and updates directly from America Drew - The Pickleball Librarian. 

In under 60 minutes, The Pickleball Podcast covers topics from the kitchen to the PAA (the Pickleball Australia Association) boardroom, Coach Tony features with his coaching tips and knowledge of the sport, we talk competitions in Australia and across the globe while also providing you with a bit of trivia that could come in very handy at the pub.

The podcast features a special guest each week who either contributes to or plays the sport, with current APP - Mens Pro Mixed doubles #4 Riley Newman having appeared on the podcast and many more. 

You’ll get a glimpse into Jade and Krivos lives as they update you on their week as the hosts – who formally worked together on one of the biggest FM radio breakfast shows in Newcastle, Australia.

Have a listen, tell your mates and enjoy!