Surviving or Thriving?

Surviving or Thriving? Supporting wellbeing in the arts sector

Welcome to the Surviving or Thriving? podcast, supporting wellbeing in the arts sector, part of an online series from Waterford Healing Arts Trust in partnership with the Arts Council of Ireland/An Comhairle Ealaion.
Covid-19 has had a profound professional and personal impact on artists and arts workers, and major structural impacts for arts organisations, caused by the overnight cessation of all arts activity in Ireland as a result of the pandemic.  
In this podcast series, we’ll hear inspiring contributions from some incredible people working in the arts, who generously agreed to share their experiences of life during COVID with esteemed psychologist, writer and broadcaster Dr Maureen Gaffney.  These conversations, each of which explored the impact on a different art form, took place online in March and April 2021.  We hope that something within these conversations might resonate with you and support you to face forward with confidence and renewed hope.