Tough Love Energy

Welcome to Tough Love Energy the podcast where Transformation Coach and Writer, Niamh Ennis, shares with you the tools you need to transform that part of your life that you know is making you miserable. Working through a variety of topics you’ll leave each podcast feeling like you’ve had your very own 1:1 Coaching session with Niamh along with the practical next steps required to keep the momentum going! Be prepared to hear not what you want but always what you need! 

You’re looking for guidance navigating life’s challenges and are fed up being told what others think you want to hear then my Tough Love Energy Podcast is made for you? I’ll be covering topics such as the importance of connection, Boundaries – how to know you need them and where to start, rebuilding your confidence and self- Belief, managing our doubts and fears, identifying the Stories we live by, getting out of your own way, dimming to fit in, making your passion your purpose and loss, amongst other things. I’m going to share my own personal experiences as well as those of my clients. There will be no tip-toeing around these issues. If you want to learn how to transform any area of your life then listen fortnightly to this podcast.