Right to the Core

Right to the Core

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Right To The Core will be a podcast series diving into some of the different themes of the books we have our trainees in Core Training at the Central Canadian District of the Christian & Missionary Alliance read. This podcast series will be hosted by Darin Martin from the Groundswell Church and Elisa Brown from IncaLink. Each month Darin and Elisa will be diving into a Core Training book and discussing themes throughout them at a roundtable discussion with the book authors and Core Training mentors.

Get Ahead!! 

Each month will be a discussion on a different book so make sure you check out the booklist below so you can follow along with discussions and engage with this exciting new series!!

  • September: The Church In Exile
  • October: Tempered Resilience 
  • November: A Chruch Called Tov
  • December: White Fragility
  • January: Washed and Waiting
  • February: When Helping Hurts
  • More to Come...