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The Edge, hosted by Dr Marcus Ranney, takes a deep dive into longevity. In this podcast series, Dr. Marcus Ranney talks to authors, academics, researchers, doctors, coaches, psychologists, nutritionists and other global experts, to understand how one can live life to their full potential. Tune in for eye-opening conversations about the impact of exercise, genes, diet, physical performance, recovery, stress, and more, and how they come together to promote longevity. This podcast series simplifies complex issues and explains how our choices can increase or decrease our life span. Each episode comes with multiple takeaways that you can incorporate in your daily life to live better and longer. 

This series is an amalgamation of experiences of multiple experts working in the health sector who have transformed the way we look at health, performance, and longevity. Hear from them about their “human edge” and understand how to reach your personal edge. 

This podcast series is brought to you by Human Edge Advisory Services.