Join us for a unique tour of Alasdair Gray’s Glasgow in ‘Magnificent Vistas’.

 In this Alasdair Gray Archive podcast, we uncover how Gray’s perspective bending landscapes unfold across his writing and art practice and re-invent the city around him.

By closely examining early, un-published sketches held in the Alasdair Gray Archive, as well as exploring celebrated works such as Cowcaddens Streetscape in the Fifties(1964) and his City Recorder series (1977), Magnificent Vistas reveals key connections between Gray’s seminal novel Lanark and his artistic output. 

 The podcast was first written by its narrator, Rachel Loughran, for ‘Book Two’ of Gray: Beyond the Horizon, an interactive, digital exhibition currently on display and free to visit at The Alasdair Gray Archive and online at 

Reflecting our collaborative ethos, the podcast features music by Scott Twynholm, sound design by Jen Martin, contributions from actor Neil Gibson and original interviews with the award-winning Glasgow based artist Toby Paterson and Gray’s long term visual art manager and custodian of The Alasdair Gray Archive Sorcha Dallas. 

Tune in for a journey across literal and imaginary vistas and discover how you too might re-imagine the landscape around you.