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“10 minutes audio is more likely a podcast than an audio, isn’t it?” - This is exactly what Stefaan thought when he received that long voice note by Eliane (in art Spicy Spirit), and this is how this podcast started on a sunny day in Ibiza.

We are gonna talk about the unspoken things we face in life: that unsaid challenge we have gone through, that decision we are struggling with, that insight we had, that paralysing question, that simple tool we learned…we are both passionate about human understanding and we are gonna say it all, and dressed with a dash of spice and fun to reveal, together with our guests from all around the world, what normally people don’t want to talk about. 
We are gonna ask experts to share their insights and tools and also invite the simple guy who is making handicraft in the streets of Dalt Vila to bring his experience of life.
What’s behind…will make you laugh and cry, smile and reflect, think and learn! 

Press play and discover What’s behind an attentive Belgian guy and a spicy Italian girl in Ibiza.

What's behind...

Stefaan Vuylsteke & Eliane Gerzelji
1 episode