Mad Museum Stratford - Radio Warwickshire

Oct 16, 2012, 06:31 PM

The team from Radio Warwickshire made a visit to the Mad Museum Stratford to find out all about it! From the website: Word from Richard Simmons – Founder The MAD (Mechanical Art & Design) Museum has been an idea and a lifelong ambition of mine and as an entrepreneur and businessman in October 2011 felt the time was right to move the idea to reality. The intention has been to create a permanent exhibition of all things mechanical, weird and wonderful. My son, Iain and nephew Mike Abbotts shared this dream and they now form the young generation running this project under my guidance.

The internet has made exploring this subject, and finding talented artists of such work, a much easier task. The term ‘Kinetic Art’ broadly encompasses the genre of the MAD museum and alongside wacky machines, we are keen to embrace the many fun and clever things that can be achieved with modern lighting technology. Steam Punk would also be a genre that deserves recognition within the museum. Having searched for the right location and building we have now acquired a fantastic setting for the MAD Museum (see photos). The Museum is based in central Stratford upon Avon, a very busy tourist town in England.