Grief / Compassion

Nov 01, 2012, 12:50 PM

Everyone of us, everyone of us, will come to a greater suffering. We've all got in our lives a greater suffering to meet, to confront, to encounter. Your suffering may run deep. Who knows how deep our suffering runs? I find in you someone who has met their suffering and been with it, gone with it, accepted it, lives with it.

The thing is, the thing you ought to know is, this helps others. Others who are suffering will recognise in you someone who welcomes suffering, who knows about suffering, who can ride the storm of suffering. It isn't for nothing. It starts with love for yourself, compassion and kindness for your own journey through suffering and that becomes true empathy and compassion for others in their suffering.

Now that's worth something, you're worth something, you're worth a great deal, your love, your compassion, because you meet your own suffering and through that encounter others who then experience your compassion, your love.