Restaurant coffee should be the easy win

Nov 30, 2012, 10:26 AM, Stafford District, Staffordshire, England

Coffee in restaurants sucks and it really shouldn't.

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MW_SW19 - almost 5 years ago

I totally agree with this! Far too often I order coffee and either the choice is a poorly done americano or a cup of filter machine coffee which has been sat around for ages.

Please can I have a restaurant where I can wak in and order a brewed coffee and it taste good. Especially as I often eat out and have to drive afterwards so wine or beer (which can be another gripe) are off the menu.

Actually thinking about it there are far too many coffee shops / cafes where all you can get is espresso based drinks and a brewed option seriously could do with being on the menu.


hasbean - almost 5 years ago

If its bad I do complain but most of them time I just don't order it as I know it will ruin what has normally been an amazing meal


Juliejayne - almost 5 years ago

But do you ever complain? Too many people simply accept the poor coffee, whereas if the main course was poor people would complain.