Simon Warburton's Presentation at #SLTeachMeet

Dec 09, 2012, 05:20 PM, United Kingdom

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Game, Set, Mind Simon Warburton - Deputy Head

“I have nearly managed to survive my first term as a deputy head in a boys school in leafy Hertfordshire - I saw nearly as we are close to the holidays, not that I have had some near death experiences. I have been on a leadership team for the best part of 6 years, worked as a lead practitioner for 2 years leading on curriculum design for the SSAT and National College. As a timetabler I had a novel approach to curriculum design - I was quite open to changing structures and block designs to develop outcomes for students. My default answer certainly wasn’t, “Oh, you will not be able to get that to way”. My approach has developed now to focus much more on what goes on in the classroom, not just how the classes are put in the room. My presentation this evening will be about the key theme in education, and parenting, that I am grappling with at the moment and I hope to share my enthusiasm with you this evening. I can be contacted on twitter ”