Bill Watkin's Presentation at #SLTeachMeet

Dec 09, 2012, 10:11 PM, Bloomsbury, London, England

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KS4 and KS5 proposed reforms and their implications

Bill Watkin, Operational Director, SSAT

Bill Watkin worked in several schools over 24 years, mostly in South London, before joining SSAT to look after its work with academies. While still a teacher, Bill worked with SSAT for 5 years as a consultant on curriculum design, vertical structures, student behaviour, 14-19 and data analysis.

From September 2006, Bill has worked full-time on the academies programmes, working with all academies and their sponsors, identifying and brokering the support to meet their individual and collective needs.

Bill still looks after SSAT’s engagement with academies both old and new, both converter and sponsored, secondary, special and primary, as well as UTCs, Free Schools and Studio Schools.

Bill is also responsible for The Academy Sponsors Network and liaises closely with sponsors, providers and operators. Since the summer, Bill has led SSAT’s work on the examination system and recent policy developments.