Monday Morning Minute – Powerful Words 3 Ways!

Jan 02, 2013, 08:33 PM

Welcome to the Monday Morning Minute with Fiona Kearns.

Words have power in at least 3 ways: the words themselves; the way you use them and how you deliver them.

A friend of mine apologised about 5 times on a 90 second phone call. An apology was warranted, but it came pretty close to a grovel on something that was trivial.

I wondered if the message he intended might be conveying other messages too. The words were correct, but the repetition and how they were delivered seemed to give all his power away.

Could he have retained his power by apologising clearly and then focusing on the resolution? It reminded me to think more about what I say so I’m not giving my own power away!

This is Fiona Kearns powered by words.
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