Disability Hate Crime Interview with Kerry Blakeman (Chief Inspector - West Midlands Police)

Jan 21, 2013, 10:21 AM

Do you know the difference between a Disability Hate Crime and a Disability Hate Incident? Have you ever been the victim of either of them? Would you feel comfortable reporting to the police? In this interview, I talk to Kerry Blakeman (@kerryblakeman) a Chief Inspector at West Midlands Police who tells me that there is a massive under reporting of such incidents and hate crimes both in the West Midlands area and Nationwide. Feel free to discuss your experiences here but do also "Report It" to the police if you have been a victim! www.report-it.org.uk or by calling 101. #DisabilityHateCrime #DisabilityHateIncident #WestMidlandsPolice #VipAdvisor @kerryblakeman