#Podcast: #VirginMedia TV Anywhere app for #iOS from a blind person's perspective:

Feb 02, 2013, 06:09 PM

I go through in hopefully enough detail, the #VirginMedia app TV Anywhere, which came out for #iOS to enable users to watch television anywhere from a select number of channels which is said to be growing shortly. For a blind person, this app is priceless. For a long time, some of us have had #Tivo boxes, but no way to use them due to their lack of #a11y compliance. Now that's all changed. I give a thumbs up to #VirginMedia for their efforts, and explain how I use the app on my #iPhone 4S and how I can now access the features of a box I've been paying for that until recently, only my sighted wife was able to benefit from properly. The style of this podcast is informal not formal, and so if this bothers you, I urge you not to listen from the outset.