VipAdvisor: Barclays Bank talking ATM direct feed at #SightVillage @BarclaysOnline

Feb 09, 2013, 01:17 PM

I took a patch cable directly from the ATM into my #Zoom H1 #Digital #Recorder so I could show it to those who could not make it to the #event itself. The sound in the middle signifies that I have entered the demonstration card, and performed some service requiring the card. this recording is placed here so that should anybody wish to go to a Barclays machine and begin using it straight away, they can. I know that I'd feel rather self-conscious about holding the line up if I didn't have the opportunity to listen before going, and hope that Barclays will, if they have not done so already, make these instructions available online officially. Recorded on November 7th, 2012.