2013_02_10 Taboo Or Not Taboo, That Is The Question (With with Gill Leno) - Dating

Feb 10, 2013, 09:23 PM

Taboo Or Not Taboo, That Is The Question (With Gill Leno)! In the first of this running series of interviews with Gill, we explore the world of dating from a VI perspective. The Do’s and Don’ts, what are they? Who do we tell what and when? Where is the best place to start when trying to find that certain somebody? These are just a few of the questions we seek to answer. While Gill helps and guides us, we have as many questions as answers and many of the questions are deliberately open ended so we can continue the discussion and be the advisors and support for each other on the channel. Gill Leno worked with Brook for many years before coming to work for Queen Alexander College as a sex and relations teacher. She also has a remit as part of her work at QAC as external outreach to Organisations and Professionals; Adults; Young People and Parents and carers. Gill Leno can be contacted on: gleno@qac.ac.uk. Special Thanks And Credits: Gill Leno; Donna (rapunzel71) for her Voiceover Artistry and @FreakyFwoof for the use of His Music. #TabooOrNotTaboo #QAC #VipAdvisor