Mavericks & Populists: David Eades reports on the Italian Election

Feb 22, 2013, 11:10 AM

Italians go to the polls this weekend to vote in an early general election, which could determine whether their country starts on its economic recovery, or drags Europe back into crisis. #Naples is a city which seems to be forever down on its luck. And that may be why its support over the years has swung from the right to the left, to mavericks and populists. And all those types are in this election: Silvio #Berlusconi, populist, Mario #Monti, dry, professorial technocrat, Pierluigi Bersani, former Communist, now leader of the Democratic Party and the comedian turned activist Beppe Grillo. It's a head-spinning mixture of characters and policies. What are Neapolitans to make of it all? #BBC, #Radio4, #DavidEades, #Italy

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