'Beauty and the Beast' by Marie Le Prince de Beaumont

Feb 26, 2013, 03:01 PM

Read by Sara Mendes da Costa and produced by Nigel Killick.

Our latest audio book is the classic fable 'Beauty and the Beast' by Marie Le Prince de Beaumont narrated by Sara Mendes da Costa. (Photo) produced by Nigel Killick.


JEANNE MARIE LEPRINCE DE BEAUMONT French author (1711-1780) Jeanne Marie Leprince de Beaumont was born in Rouen in 1711. In 1748 her first book appears, Le Triomphe de la vérité ou mémoires de M. de La Vilette. She then moved to London where she became tutor of upper-class girls. Then she began writting magazines or pedagogic treatises on children's education. She founded 'Nouveau Magazine français', a literary and scientific compilation for young readers. Between 1750 and 1780 there are 40 volumes published, among them, the famous 'Magazines pour les enfants' (1757) where 'Beauty and the Beast' can be found, 'Magazine des adolescents' (1760) and 'Magazine des pauvres' (1768). At the age of fifty she left England and gets married to Thomas Pichon, with whom she has six children.

This is a peopletalk production © 2007 Production Team: Sara Mendes da Costa Narrator & Associate Producer is a professional Voice over artist please visit her page for more information. Nigel Killick - Executive Producer.

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