China's experiment with democracy - Ritula Shah in Wukan


This week, China's communist party meets for its annual Party Congress in Beijing. In few days time, Xi Jinping will officially become President of the People's Republic, for a ten year term. Ritula Shah is in China to assess the challenges facing the country's new leadership. For the first of her reports, she's been to the village of Wukan in the south. A year ago today, Wukan's newly elected council or committee took charge. This followed massive protests against the previous officials who were accused of seizing communal land around the village and selling it to developers. But one year on, this unique Chinese experiment with democracy, hasn't delivered everything the people of Wukan had hoped for. Ritula Shah has been to find out what went wrong and what lessons there are for the pace of political change in China as a whole. #bbc #beijing #china #radio4 #worldtonight #wukan

Mar 04, 2013, 10:48 PM
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