Where Did Nora Go - BalconyTV Aarhus

Apr 12, 2013, 07:47 PM, √ėgadekvarteret, Midtbyen, Aarhus C, Aarhus, Denmark


Where Did Nora Go is the alias for Danish singer and cellist Astrid Nora. With dreamy sounds, layers of cello and productions not unfamiliar to Ane Brun, Antony & The Johnsons and even Kate Bush, Where Did Nora Go combines atmospheric pop with lyrics that deal with the role of the modern woman today.

The eponymous debut album came out in January 2013 and was received by critics and audiences in Denmark and Germany with unusual enthusiasm. Since then, Where Did Nora Go has played concert in the two countries where she has mesmerized the listeners with her cello and her amazing voice.

Live, Where Did Nora Go plays together with producer Henrik Marstal. The two usually play the cello, while Marstal makes use of live ambient electronics as well. In this live performance on BalconyTV, though, he is playing the rare Marxophone, an American folk instrument dating back more than a century.

Up on the cold and windy rooftop of ARoS in Aarhus Where Did Nora Go performs the song 'Sister Of The Dark/Walk In The Light' - a call for all women - and men - to leave all darkness behind and move into the light.

Find out more about WHERE DID NORA GO here: http://wheredidnorago.com

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