Local Band Ambany - Music to make your ears happy!

Apr 22, 2013, 10:27 AM

adding new music to our on-air collection Albany.. About the band: We have been a 6-piece for just over half a year, with each of us playing music with the others in different forms before joining together. We've very influenced by American indie bands such as Grizzly Bear, Beirut and The National as well as more folky acts like Belle & Sebastian & Stornoway. Our next plan is to self-record an album's worth of material in the next couple of months and hopefully release that in late summer. Our current EP 'Waltz' is available to stream & download on; http://albanymusic.bandcamp.com/ and https://soundcloud.com/albanymusic

We can also be found on Facebook & Twitter. Listen again at http://www.radiowarks.com @radiowarks