LondonGigGuide with Tom Du Croz - LondonGigGuide 6th-12th May - @z1radio

May 03, 2013, 02:52 PM, United Kingdom

Each week Tom brings you his personal pick of the very best gigs happening in London.

This week Tom chats to; Forestry Commission, Deltar Role Models

Intro Cold War Kids - Miracle Mile Dove and Boweevil - The Red Eyed Fly Interview - Deltar Deltar - Liverpool Road The Hard Ground - Pawn Interview - Forestry Commissions The Forestry Commission - Wait The Half Light - If You Come To Clapham Sir Sly - Found You Out Tankus the Henge - Recurring dream Los Chinches - Serpante Negra Denai Moore - Gone Furta Sacra - I am the Dust Bowl Interview – Role Model Role Model - This eventually leads nowhere

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