#TechTalkFest with Zoe Cunningham - Audio Boo's Mark Rock -- @z1radio

May 04, 2013, 08:46 PM, London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Zoe Cunningham presents #TechTalkfest: your brand new weekly show delivering you an information download of the UK technology scene.

Every week we have an interview with leading lights from the technology world. This first week we start with Mark Rock who tells us "I'm a great believer in failure...I'm famous for doing things that don't work(!)" and that his company Audioboo want "to bring back the power of the spoken word."

Richard Lee delivers a round up of technology news this week looking at the recent announcements for Next Generation Consoles, the Future of TV and Cyber-Stalking software that predicts your movements through your social media accounts.

And comedienne Joy Carter fields calls on her Emotional & Psychological IT Helpdesk, answering the frustrations of a modern tech world.

Zoe Cunningham is the Managing Director of a London software company and recently appeared on Britain's Brightest.

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