How do good students cope with bad teaching?

Prompted by a conversation with a former pupil, this boo considers what can be done to promote an ethos of ownership of learning? Some students just sort it out for themselves. What about the rest? #edutalk

May 12, 2013, 10:43 AM
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chris1990king - about 4 years ago

My 5/6th year maths was me creating my own notes from a textbook. Teacher had no classroom management and used only very weak assessment/questioning. Majority of kids sat and did no work. So I took it upon myself, similar to your former pupil, to create my own notes and work independently. However this was localized to a single teacher, not sure how much of an impact the school ethos had. School actually had a very positive ethos and pupils were generally eager to learn, I think that a bad teacher can set up their own environment which is independent from the rest of the school. The skills I acquired did prove to be useful at University; however I would have preferred to have had a capable maths teacher and saved myself a lot of stress.