#ZoneOneDigest with @5tuarthardy - The Clipshow that won't Behave -- @z1radio

May 19, 2013, 11:48 AM, London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Stuart Hardy Presents the best of the week on Zone one Radio, as long as you don't feed him after midnight...

This week, Stuart Hardy was kidnapped and made to host the show in a polite and complimentary manner under threat of torture from his kidnapper...naturally this doesn't go according to plan.

This week:

#InGoodTaste chat to host of the Pink Lady food photography awards Jay Rayner.

#LondonGigGuide present some more of the best from upcoming indie bands.

#Generation3 with Empress Susan Vickers and Lord James Levett have a cheese string party.

And #LaNuevaArmada...do something...I don't know what but it sounds fun.


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