MAG Libya's risk education song

May 21, 2013, 02:13 PM, Misrata, Misratah, Libya

UK charity MAG (Mines Advisory Group) is making schoolchildren in Libya aware of the dangers of explosive weapons, with the help of a new life-saving song written by two of the country’s leading creative talents.

Over the last two years, MAG has significantly reduced the threat of accidents by removing 440,000 explosive items from across the country. But many remain, and making vulnerable people aware of the dangers through risk education – tailored safety messages given to those most under threat, in various ways – is a key part of MAG’s work.

The song’s Arabic lyrics, penned by renowned Libyan writer, poet, playwright and actor Youssef Mostapha Khoshiem, reinforce messages not to touch or move dangerous items, and to report anything they find to an adult:

"If you come across a strange item

Do not approach it dear friends, it’s suspicious

Stay back, it is dangerous

It could kill..."

Youssef Khosheim got involved in the project after meeting Amira, MAG Libya’s Community Liaison Manager: “I learned about the effort that MAG and its ‘family’ are making to ensure the safety of the Libyan people, especially in my city, Misrata,” he said.

“I was amazed at the work, and the least I could do is participate and write the children a song. I am happy to be part of MAG’s work.”

The words are accompanied by music from composer Omar Hbara, who is also from Misrata: “I find this work is in the best interest of our children,” he said. “MAG does tremendous humanitarian work.”

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