Xbox I Want You

Jun 15, 2010, 12:35 AM
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petegold - over 7 years ago

Xbox Slim I want you.

Oh... you're lookin good to me....
You're sleek, you're slim... you got curves ALL the way down.
Ooh, let me insert my hard drive into your concealed slot baby
(you know what I'm talking ‘bout)

But don't make a sound sugar - keep it whisper quiet.
Because... you know that's the way a games console should be honey.
Mmm… let me run my fingers across your button and see if I can.... turn you on.

Xbox, Xbox

You're every gamer's dream
You're much more than you seem
You're makin young men scream
With your new black colour scheme.

Aw - they finally given you built in WiFi sugar yeah.
Transmitting on my frequency.

Built-in digital out, and 3 x USB's on your back.
Honey, your specifications got everyone interested..

And when Kinect comes out baby...
Ooh... we can really interface.
My hands all over the place.
All over your face.

And I'll be able to talk to you...
You're gonna do everything I say. I like that. Yeah.

So why is it so wrong
To want you like I do?
Aw... I've waited for so long.
To get my hands on you.

Xbox. Play music
Xbox. Stop
Xbox. massage my feet a little.
Xbox. ooh yeah!!

Aw baby. You been givin’ me the green light all evening.
But don't let me catch you playin with other gamers honey.
I ain't down with that.
I'll unplug you.
You know I mean it.
I'm keepin’ you all to myself. Yeah.
Does it invalidate the manufacturer's warranty to rub a little lotion on you?
Surely a little can't hurt. Is that so wrong?
Oh baby.