Dr Nick Hawes - Predictor Podcast (Ep29) - Robots - the reality

May 30, 2013, 03:30 PM

Using Hollywood as a reference point, the robots of the future could either be polite, servile humanoids, ruthless Terminator-style overlords, or adorable home-help ‘bots’ that look a bit like Henry Hoover (and beep reassuringly when they bring you your slippers). But what’s the reality? Lucy chats to Dr Nick Hawes, lecturer in Intelligent Robotics at the University of Birmingham, about the robots currently in operation today, and about the special purpose 'service robots' we may well be relying on in the not too distant future. Nick also introduces Lucy to 'Dora the Explorer', a robot he’s using in his research to explore the potential for developing robots that could arrive on your doorstep from Amazon or Argos, be removed from their packaging, then instantly start performing useful tasks around the home. He also looks ahead to the 'Festival of Robots' at The British Science Museum (Nov 28th - Dec 4th) which he'll be attending with Dora. (You can view images of Nick's robots on Flickr.)

Download a transcript of this podcast here: http://bit.ly/1cvP4Oc