Science Weekly podcast: Cory Doctorow on an internet that sets us free

Jun 03, 2013, 04:00 PM

This week's edition of the podcast is dedicated to the Sense About Science Lecture 2013, given by the sci-fi writer and web activist Cory Doctorow. Cory's lecture was entitled "We get to choose: How to demand an internet that sets us free" and was delivered to an invited audience at The Institution of Engineering and Technology on 13 May. To find out more about Cory Doctorow's writings go to his website Subscribe for free via iTunes to ensure every episode gets delivered. (Here is the non-iTunes URL feed). Follow the podcast on our Science Weekly Twitter feed and receive updates on all breaking science news stories from Guardian Science. Email Guardian Science is now on Facebook. You can also join our Science Weekly Facebook group. We're always here when you need us. Listen back through our archive. Alok Jha Jason Phipps Cory Doctorow