Ex-ATOS Nurse 'Sally' Tells Her Story

Jul 24, 2013, 10:11 AM

A caller who claims to be a former nurse at ATOS - the company tasked with assessing people for Disability Living Allowance by the government - gives Petrie Hosken an uncomfortable insight into how assessments are made.

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orbi - over 3 years ago

wow... is there anything left that will shock us.
This is what the DWP say....that ATOS are independent...really?
1. ATOS is paid for BY the DWP
2. ATOS is set up (in this case) to meet a set standard by the DWP
3. ATOS interviews are held in a DWP building
Please tell me in what way are they independent?
I remember George Orwell, oh those pigs those greedy naughty piggys. They got so fat, ...... surely this doesnt apply to good old Blighty.
One has to seriously wonder where this leads us all...... if they can do this now ...where will it end up?
Surely there must be a legal way in some court somewhere.... European court of human rights? surely there must be some way of stomping out communism from our present government.


ireallymeanthis - over 4 years ago

This is no surprise to claimants who have to go through the hellish system.Incidentally, the official fraud rate for sickness benefits is 0.3%.