Interview with Justin Miles - ahead of the expedition Polar Bears and paddle boards

Jul 25, 2013, 08:51 PM

next Tuesday Justin and his team head to Greenland for a unique expedition - find out how you can interact with the team while there, support and see the finished documentary on their return home. If you’ve never seen a stand-up paddlebaord before imagine a surfboard that you stand up on and literally paddle – just like the name suggests! Justin will be part of an ten man team attempting a world first on paddleboards. The team will attempt to paddleboard 100km of the Sermilik Fjord on the East coast of Greenland in an audacious bid to reach the Helheim Glacier, one of the largest glaciers on Greenland.

This area of Greenland is littered with spectacular icebergs which calve off of the icecap at the head of the fjord which will give the team opportunities to take some amazing photographs with one of the most stunning backgrounds in the world and from an entirely new perspective.

The team will have to navigate icy waters, weaving out of icebergs and frozen ice debris deposited in the water whilst constantly being aware of wildlife, from whales to polar bears.

The Polar Bears and Paddleboards team are all passionate about watersports, encouraging people to get active and supporting charity interests. Please take a look at the Polar Bears and Paddleboards website to find out more about how they’re going to support and work with charities, encourage people on to the water through ‘taster days’ in and around London and work with communities to clean up Britains inland waterways. Find out how to interact with the team at @radiowarks