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Aug 08, 2013, 11:50 AM, London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Tech Talkfest is your weekly download of the U.K. technology scene.

The internet was invented for sharing, but if we move beyond pictures of our cats and our dinners, is there the chance to earn money from sharing our expertise?

Zoe Cunningham interviews Sally Broom, the founder of Tripbod, a platform that connects tourists with locals to get their insider knowledge of the local area.

David Simon is looking at just how much we should be able to share on the internet and whether David Cameron's attempts to remove certain areas really stands a chance.

Christoph Burgdorfer investigates how we might be able to make money from sharing bits of our knowledge and looks at how the big boys have tried and failed to capitalise on this growing opportunity.

Judith Lewis and the Search News has the very latest updates for anyone working in SEO and Richard Lee rounds up the biggest technology stories of the week

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