#TechTalkfest - The Open Data Institute Wants YOU! - @z1radio

Aug 15, 2013, 02:43 PM, London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Tech Talkfest is your weekly download of the U.K. technology scene. This week we're looking at the business oportunities and the social benefits of Open Data.

The Open Data Institute was set up by Sir Tim Berners Lee and Professor Nigel Shadbolt to catalyse development of open data projects and businesses in the U.K.

Already, open data has allowed hospitals to reduce infection rates by 80% in 18 months and over £200 million of savings for the NHS have been found in little more than four weeks work.

The ODI's Commercial Director, Stuart Coleman, talks to us at length about how they are supporting start-up companies and how people with ideas can get involved witht their organisation.

Also this week all our regular contibutors are here, Judith Lewis has the very latested SEO news and Richard Lee has a round-up of the biggest Tech Stories of the last seven days

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