#TechTalkfest - Why Sharing on the Internet has only just begun... - @z1radio

Aug 30, 2013, 09:32 AM, London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Tech Talkfest is your weekly download of the U.K. technology scene - exploring the connections between people and technology.

The web has connected us more than ever, but some businesses are pushing those connections even further.

Beyond the communications world of video-calls and instant messages, the internet offers us the opportunity to connect our resources - be it that drill that's been sat in the garage for two years, or the parking space which sits empty for nine hours every day. We find out how all that could change...and make us all entrepreneurs at the same time

Christoph Burgdorger tracks the history of sharing platforms on the internet and looks at some high-profile flops of the past. Zoe Cunningham talks to two new businesses who are part of a new breed, looking to connect our excess supply of resources with the burgeoning demand.

As ever, Judith Lewis has all the latest SEO News for keeping your website top of the rankings too.

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