"Tell us a story"

Sep 02, 2013, 01:32 PM

Listen to a mysterious love story written by the audience of BBC Learning English.

It was written in an interactive event on Facebook from 12-14 August. People submitted ideas line by line and voted for their favourites to build up the story.

The full story:

The door opened and a man appeared. He seemed pleased… but only in his appearance. He hid a deep sadness inside him.

The man said: "Are you surprised? I've been waiting for you all this time."

"The moonlight made me lose track of time," replied the woman. "I was thinking about the incomprehensible bond between you and I."

The man sighed: "You wanted to cut our connection, but you're still here."

They met some years ago, and felt there was something between them. Their relationship started slowly: only a few phone calls in a couple of years. But during the last six months, things rushed forward quickly.

Crowded lectures, dinners with colleagues, laughs and fun evenings seemed so present, and yet so far at the same time. And now they were both graduates. And both in London.

"I can explain everything" she said.

In his serious face was rising a timid smile: "Come in, it's really cold outside".