Reflective Moments July 28, 2010

Jul 29, 2010, 04:28 AM
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hypnomama - about 7 years ago

I am grateful for the life lessons disguised as challenges .

Today I see the challenges that have manifested in my life as the perfect lessons. I am grateful for the experiences because each challenge brings me better understanding of myself and of the Divine. Each unique situation can be reframed into an enlightened moment:
• A death can become a sacred beginning.
• A divorce becomes a new chance to learn independence.
• A job loss can become a clearing of the path for the perfect opportunity.
Each life lesson is an exercise in trusting the Divine. Do you trust that God ensures that everything happens for a reason? It doesn’t change your circumstances but instead shifts your energy in a positive direction. Remember those footprints on the sand? Be grateful for the perfect challenges given to you which are disguised as the ideal opportunity to grow and evolve.

The Divine Light in Me sees the Divine Light in You.
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