Talking about CyanogenMod on phone

Oct 20, 2013, 10:42 AM

I spent over a day putting the custom ROM onto my phone. It didn't seem that there was going to be any way that the operating system was going to be updated by the phone carrier. As I was doing it it was a little bit hit and miss even though I was using something that was supposed to make it easier. I used an application called ROM Manager and it was supposed to boot me into the Clockworkmod recovery mode, but it kept going into the ordinary recovery mode. Not quite sure how I managed to get the job done in the end, but I did. Now that I have done it once I will be able to do it again and get closer to the latest version of Android.

I did the custom ROM on the phone so that I could get rid of the carrier installed junk and also the Samsung bloatware.

I recorded this using Audio Evolution Mobile and converted it to MP3 using Media Converter so that I could send it as an email to Audioboo. This worked really well and so much better than the official Audioboo rubbish software for Android.